Technology will allow patient information to be accessed quickly

Residents in Berkshire West will be able to access their health records and use digital services and
apps that directly support them to manage their own well-being - thanks to a new partnership. 

The Thames Valley Health and Care Records Partnership (TVS LHCR) has signed a contract with the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance to provide a new region‐wide shared record platform and population health system.

The £12.5 million contract will run for seven years. The aim is to drive improvements in care by building‐on and joining‐up existing shared care records across the region. 

Graphnet will work with the TVS LHCR to put in place a range of software and services to enable the safe and
secure sharing of an individual’s health and care information as they move between different parts of the
health and care system within the Thames Valley and Surrey. It will also enable an individual’s record to be
shared with other health professionals if they need treatment further afield.

The technology will also help strengthen population health management in support of direct care
– for example helping devise new, improved pathways for the treatment of people with diabetes, cancer, and
mental health illness. This will support the work of integrated care systems in understanding the
needs of local populations as a whole, and identify recommended actions identified to improve clinical

Underpinning the whole solution will be Graphnet’s CareCentric shared record platform. This will use
national interoperability standards to integrate data from the existing local care records in Thames Valley and
Surrey and will give authorised health and care professionals across the region access to crucial patient
information quickly. It will allow them to access information from patient histories or previous test results and
care plans so they can determine the right action as quickly as possible, whether that is urgent tests or a referral
to a specialist.

Fiona Edwards, Chair of the TVS LHCR Programme Board and Leader of the Frimley Integrated Care System (ICS)
said: “The procurement is a significant step forward in achieving our ambition to use the potential of digital
technology to make real improvements to the way people are cared for and are able to look after their own
health. We wanted to find a technology partner who shared our vision and put a number of suppliers through a
very rigorous process to find the right people who shared our ambition and desire to work in partnership and

Brian Waters, Chief Executive of Graphnet, commented: “The System C & Graphnet Care Alliance has been working hard on delivering shared records since Graphnet’s first major deployment over 15 years ago and we now manage records for 13m citizens. The scope of this contract puts record sharing at the centre of plans to transform care right across the Thames Valley and Surrey area, with big benefits to citizens and to the health and social services themselves. We are delighted to be partnering with the TVS LHCR on this programme.”

The TVS LHCR formed in the summer of last year, after being awarded £7.5 million funding as one of five initial
NHS England Local Health and Care Record Exemplars. It serves a total population of 3.8 million.
The partnership is not a standalone organisation. It is a working agreement that enables people and health and
care organisations, such as NHS hospitals, GPs, local councils, patients and staff to come together to discuss and identify what matters to them so that the right solutions are in place by 2020.


1. For more information contact Corrine Yates (TVS LHCR) 0778 7002560 and Nicky
Willmore (System C/Graphnet)
2. The Thames Valley and Surrey Local Health and Care Records Partnership (TVS LHCR) is one of five “first
wave” exemplars, set up and funded by NHS England in the summer of 2018.
The TVS LHCR is a coalition of health and care organisations, working together with local
communities to improve their health and care. Together we serve a population of 3.8 million. Within our
area there are:
‐ Six health and care systems (five of which are Integrated Care Systems): Buckinghamshire,
Oxfordshire, Berkshire West, Frimley, Surrey Heartlands and East Surrey, plus the Milton Keynes
University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
‐ Three Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs): BOB (Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire
and Berkshire West); Frimley and Surrey Heartlands